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Angel Musician painting by Rosso Fiorentino (Battista di Jacopo) in Ordinary Decent Criminal movie
Angel Musician, Rosso Fiorentino (Battista di Jacopo)
Movie: Ordinary Decent Criminal
added by guest
cast: Kevin Spacey, Helen Baxendale, Linda Fiorentino, Peter Mullan, Stephen Dillane, David Hayman, Patrick Malahide, Gerard McSorley
actors in scene: Kevin Spacey, Linda Fiorentino
country (movie): USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland {Republic}
genres: comedy, crime
director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
writers: Gerard Stembridge
time of scene: 00:56:54
release year: 2000
painting title: Angel Musician
author: Rosso Fiorentino (Battista di Jacopo)
date of creation: 1518
style: Mannerism 
size: small
artist's country: Italy
room: bedroom
room colors: white, green, creamy
theme: allegory
color: red, yellow, brown, black
additional description:
This little work (seen on the wall above the bed) belonging to the period of maturity of the artist, who was a pupil of Andrea del Sarto, together with Pontormo. Recent studies revealed the panel to be a fragment of a larger painting including - such as other altarpieces by Rosso - the angel in the lower part of the scene. Fiorentini was follower of fashion. They made what sold.
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