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Wheatfield with cypress tree painting by Vincent van Gogh in Vanilla Sky movie
Wheatfield with cypress tree, Vincent van Gogh
Movie: Vanilla Sky
added by fren
cast: Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Kurt Russell, Cameron Diaz, Jason Lee, Noah Taylor, Timothy Spall, Tilda Swinton
actors in scene: Tom Cruise
country (movie): USA, Spain
genres: thriller, romans, sci-fi
director: Cameron Crowe
writers: Alejandro Amenábar, Cameron Crowe, Mateo Gil
time of scene: 00:55:07
release year: 2001
painting title: Wheatfield with cypress tree
author: Vincent van Gogh
date of creation: 1889
style: Post-Impressionism 
size: medium
artist's country: Netherlands
room: salon, living room
room colors: white, brown
theme: landscape
color: blue, green, yellow
additional description:
Van Gogh's painting in David's room.
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
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Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky
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