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Photoshoot painting by Dusty Boynton in Remember Me movie
Photoshoot, Dusty Boynton
Movie: Remember Me
added by artist
cast: Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Chris Cooper, Robert Pattinson, Morgan Turner
actors in scene: Emilie de Ravin, Robert Pattinson, Morgan Turner
country (movie): USA
genres: melodrama
director: Allen Coulter
writers: Will Fetters
time of scene: 01:03:36
release year: 2010
painting title: Photoshoot
author: Dusty Boynton
date of creation: 2008
style: Expressionism
size: large
artist's country: USA
room: bedroom
room colors: blue, multicolored
theme: other
color: multicolored
additional description:
Dusty Boynton’s paintings demonstrate her ongoing interest in conflating the informal and the sophisticated. As The New York Times noted in a review, the work has, “A Childlike Style that Isn’t Childish.” Her cast of characters, with their enlarged eyes, heads, and other quirky features, abandon conventional draftsmanship or traditional depiction and end up in a world of their own. The loose and expressive brushstrokes, heightened color palette, and fantastic, sometimes supernatural imagery give her figures a carefree and imaginative, innocence that is often associated with children’s art.
Remember Me
Remember Me
Remember Me
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