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Portrait of the Duke of Wellington painting by Francisco José de Goya in Dr. No movie
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, Francisco José de Goya
Movie: Dr. No
added by JB
cast: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Bernard Lee
actors in scene: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman
country (movie): United Kingdom
genres: action, thriller
director: Terence Young
writers: Terence Young, Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood, Berkely Mather
time of scene: 01:25:07
release year: 1962
painting title: Portrait of the Duke of Wellington
author: Francisco José de Goya
date of creation: 1814
style: Romanticism
size: medium
artist's country: Spain
room: dining room, other
room colors: brown, gray
theme: portrait
color: red, black
additional description:
When Bond is about to have dinner with Dr. No, he is amazed to see Goya's Portrait of the Duke of Wellington. The painting had been stolen from the National Gallery by a 60 year-old amateur thief in London just before filming began. Ken Adam had contacted the National Gallery in London to obtain a slide of the picture, painting the copy over the course of the weekend, prior to filming commencing on the Monday.
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Dr. No
Dr. No
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