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Sleep painting by Salvador Dali in The Butterfly Effect movie
Sleep, Salvador Dali
Movie: The Butterfly Effect
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cast: Ashton Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher, Eric Stoltz, William Lee Scott, Elden Henson, Ethan Suplee, Logan Lerman
actors in scene: Ashton Kutcher, Ethan Suplee
country (movie): USA, Canada
genres: thriller, sci-fi
director: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress
writers: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress
time of scene: 00:28:47
release year: 2004
painting title: Sleep
author: Salvador Dali
date of creation: 1937
size: medium
artist's country: Spain
room: bedroom, other
room colors: blue, brown, multicolored
color: white, blue, brown
additional description:
from dali-gallery.com:
Sleep was painted for Edward James, a British millionaire who was Dalí’s patron from 1936 to 1939. Sleep deals with a subject that fascinated the Surrealists: the world of dreams. They believed that the freedom of the subconscious within sleep could be tapped into and then used creatively.
Sleep is a visual rendering of the body’s collapse into sleep, as if into a separate state of being. Against a deep blue summer sky, a huge disembodied head with eyes dissolved in sleep, hangs suspended over an almost empty landscape. The head is “soft,” appearing both vulnerable and distorted; what should be a neck tapers away to drop limply over a crutch. A dog appears, its head in a crutch, as if half asleep itself.
The head is propped above the land by a series of wooden crutches. The mouth, nose and also the eyes are all held in place by the crutches, suggesting that the head might disintegrate if they were removed. Crutches were a familiar sight in Dalí’s work. In The Se
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