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The Arnolfini Wedding painting by Jan van Eyck in V for Vendetta movie
The Arnolfini Wedding, Jan van Eyck
Movie: V for Vendetta
added by MG
cast: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, John Hurt, Rupert Graves, Sinéad Cusack, Stephen Fry, Selina Giles
actors in scene: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving
country (movie): USA, United Kingdom, Germany
genres: sci-fi
director: James McTeigue
writers: Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
time of scene: 00:27:30
release year: 2005
painting title: The Arnolfini Wedding
author: Jan van Eyck
date of creation: 1434
style: Renaissance
size: medium
artist's country: Netherlands
room: salon, other
room colors: multicolored
theme: portrait
color: red, green, brown
additional description:
Evey (Portman) wakes up in the "V's" underground hideout. "V" is surrounded by banned art works he has liberated from the vaults of the Ministry of Objectionable Material, such as Jan Van Eyck's immortal Arnolfini Wedding Portrait of 1434. You might be asking: why would a reactionary Christian government ban the masterpieces of the pious past? Simple, according to the Wachowski's: because conservatives hate art. Read more: V for Vendetta review by Steve Sailer .
Also, because of the rumours that the lady in the painting is already pregnant on her marriage day.added by Rajiv
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V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
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