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Mlle Irene Cahen d\'Anvers painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in Footloose movie
Mlle Irene Cahen d'Anvers, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Movie: Footloose
added by MG
cast: Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Chris Penn, Dianne Wiest, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alan Haufrect, Timothy Scott, Frances Lee McCain, Arthur Rosenberg, Lynne Marta, Mimi Broadhead, Meghan Broadhead
actors in scene: Kevin Bacon, Arthur Rosenberg, Lynne Marta, Mimi Broadhead, Meghan Broadhead
country (movie): USA
genres: melodrama, musical
director: Herbert Ross
writers: Dean Pitchford
time of scene: 01:08:06
release year: 1984
painting title: Mlle Irene Cahen d'Anvers
author: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
date of creation: 1880
style: Impressionism
size: medium
artist's country: France
room: bedroom
room colors: multicolored
theme: portrait
color: white, blue, green, brown
additional description:
The print of a Renoir's painting is hanging in children bedroom where Ren MacCormack (Kevin Bacon) is living with his mother and extended family. We can see the print when someone attack the children bedroom window with a brick to scare family at night.

The girl from the portrait Irène was born in 1872 and lived in Paris. Her father, a wealthy Jewish banker named Louis Raphael Cahen d'Anvers commissioned Pierre Auguste Renior for three portraits in 1880; one of each of his daughters. Read more about Irène story on: http://apogent.wordpress.com/ .
MORE FROM ARTIST:Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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