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Desert Spring painting by Vernon Kerr in Bean movie
Desert Spring, Vernon Kerr
Movie: Bean
added by MG
cast: Rowan Atkinson, Peter Egan, John Mills, Peter Capaldi, June Brown, Clive Corner, Harris Yulin, Rob Brownstein, Julia Pearlstein, Peter MacNicol, Larry Drake, Tom McGowan, Sandra Oh, Pamela Reed, Burt Reynolds, Andrew Lawrence, Tricia Vessey
actors in scene: Rowan Atkinson, Harris Yulin, Sandra Oh, Peter MacNicol, Tom McGowan
country (movie): USA, United Kingdom
genres: comedy
director: Mel Smith
writers: Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll
time of scene: 00:22:38
release year: 1997
painting title: Desert Spring
author: Vernon Kerr
style: Other
size: medium
artist's country: USA
room: office
room colors: green, brown
theme: landscape
color: blue, green, yellow, pink
additional description:
Mr Bean is looking at a print of Vernon Kerr painting.

The California artist Vernon Kerr specialized in seascapes and landscapes in oil. His paintings are in collections around the world, and many are available in print. His work is in the spirit of California Plein Aire. Read more at: Kerr's website
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