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The Icebergs painting by Frederic Edwin Church in The Age of Innocence movie
The Icebergs, Frederic Edwin Church
Movie: The Age of Innocence
added by MG
cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Richard E.Grant, Geraldine Chaplin, Stuart Wilson, Mary Beth Hurt, Alexis Smith
actors in scene: Daniel Day-Lewis
country (movie): USA
genres: melodrama, other
director: Martin Scorsese
writers: Martin Scorsese, Jay Cocks
time of scene: 01:58:31
release year: 1993
painting title: The Icebergs
author: Frederic Edwin Church
date of creation: 1861
style: Romanticism, Other
size: medium
artist's country: USA
room: office
room colors: brown, multicolored
theme: landscape
color: white, blue, green, gray
additional description:
This painting appears in scene when Daniel Day-Lewis congratulate his daughter.

Frederic Church, like most second generation Hudson River School painters, used extraordinary detail, romanticism, and luminism in his paintings. Artists wanted to idealize pastoral scenes that exhibited the wild and free beauty of nature. This tradition carries on in the works of Frederic Church, who idealizes an uninterrupted nature, highlighted by creating excruciatingly detailed art. The emphasis on nature is encouraged by the lack of people, low horizontal lines, and preponderance of sky to enhance the wilderness. Read more at: Wikipedia
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