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The Biglin Brothers Racing painting by Thomas Eakins  in House of Cards movie
The Biglin Brothers Racing, Thomas Eakins 
Movie: House of Cards
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cast: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Mahershala Ali, Sakina Jaffrey, Sakina Jaffrey, Michael Kelly, Constance Zimmer
actors in scene: Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara
country (movie): USA
genres: drama, other
director: David Fincher
writers: Beau Willimon
time of scene: 00:42:27
release year: 2013
painting title: The Biglin Brothers Racing
author: Thomas Eakins 
date of creation: 1872
style: Realism
size: medium
artist's country: USA
room: museum, exhibition, other
room colors: black, gray
theme: genre scene
color: blue, green, brown
additional description:
The scene in which Frank Underwood sitting looking at the picture in the gallery, at this point forward to Zoe Barnes documents relating to the Education Act. (S01E01)
The symbolism was described by Frank Underwood: He and Zoe are now in the same boat, but the Congress believes that in case of emergency (overturning the boat) he will be able to save only one of them.
After the Civil War, rowing has become a very popular sport in America. In early 1870, Thomas Eakins made ​​many paintings and drawings of Biglin Brothers. The painting is at the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC).
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
House of Cards
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