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SKU: 1341 painting by Paul Brent in The Truman Show movie
SKU: 1341, Paul Brent
Movie: The Truman Show
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cast: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Ed Harris, Holland Taylor, Brian Delate, Blair Slater
actors in scene: Jim Carrey, Holland Taylor
country (movie): USA
genres: drama, comedy, sci-fi
director: Peter Weir
writers: Andrew Niccol
time of scene: 00:16:38
release year: 1998
painting title: SKU: 1341
author: Paul Brent
style: Realism
size: medium
artist's country: USA
room: salon, living room
room colors: white, creamy
theme: landscape
color: multicolored
additional description:
This tropical beach print is set in Bermuda where palm trees and tropical foliage frame the pink and yellow homes in bright colors. A white washed walkway connects the homes and leads the viewer’s eye into the picture.
This print of island homes is taken from an original watercolor by Paul Brent.
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