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Old King Cole painting by Maxfield Parrish in The First Wives Club movie
Old King Cole, Maxfield Parrish
Movie: The First Wives Club
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cast: Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Maggie Smith, Marcia Gay Harden, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Hedaya, Stockard Channing, Victor Garber, Elizabeth Berkley
actors in scene: Goldie Hawn, Edward Hibbert
country (movie): USA
genres: comedy
director: Hugh Wilson
writers: Robert Harling
time of scene: 00:26:23
release year: 1996
painting title: Old King Cole
author: Maxfield Parrish
date of creation: 1906
style: Realism
size: large
artist's country: USA
room: hotel, restaurant
room colors: brown
theme: genre scene
color: blue, green, yellow, creamy
additional description:
The painting was commissioned for John Jacob Astor IV as an adornment for the hotel he financed, the Knickerbocker, at the southeast corner of Broadway and 42d Street. Parrish’s Quaker upbringing made him reluctant to paint a mural for a bar but the artist was offered a kingly sum for 1906, $5,000, to complete it.
After the Knickerbocker was converted to an office building, the painting was moved to the St. Regis, at 2 East 55th Street, in the mid-1930’s. It became the centerpiece of the bar, which was already famous for being the birthplace of the Bloody Mary cocktail.
The painting became a signature feature of the hotel that would later be inhabited by Ernest Hemingway and Marlene Dietrich, and where Salvador Dalí stayed for a decade. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio lived there, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono took up residence in 1971 before moving to the Dakota.
This painting launched Parrish career. Some of his paintings have sold for millions.
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