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Double Elvis, 1963/1976 painting by Andy Warhol in Excess Baggage movie
Double Elvis, 1963/1976, Andy Warhol
Movie: Excess Baggage
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cast: Alicia Silverstone, Harry Connick Jr., Nicholas Turturro, Michael Bowen, Sally Kirkland, Leland Orser, Robert Wisden, Christopher Walken, Benicio Del Toro
actors in scene: Christopher Walken
country (movie): USA
genres: action, comedy, romans
director: Marco Brambilla
writers: Ian La Frenais, Max D. Adams, Dick Clement
time of scene: 00:12:03
release year: 1997
painting title: Double Elvis, 1963/1976
author: Andy Warhol
date of creation: 1963
size: large
artist's country: USA
room: salon, living room
room colors: white, yellow, brown
theme: portrait
color: white, black, gray
additional description:
There is the Elvis Presley painting done by Andy Warhol in Emily's living room.
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