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Road with Cypress and Star

Movie: A Good Year
Painting: Road with Cypress and Star
Author: Vincent van Gogh
About the film
Cast: Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Abbie Cornish, Didier Bourdon, Isabelle Candelier, Freddie Highmore, Albert Finney, Archie Panjabi, Kenneth Cranham
Actors in scene: Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard
Country (movie): USA, United Kingdom
Genres: comedy, drama, romans
Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Marc Klein
Time of scene: 00:59:58
Release year: 2006
About the painting
Title: Road with Cypress and Star
Author: Vincent van Gogh
Date of creation: 1890
Style: Post-Impressionism
Size: medium
Artist's country: Netherlands
Room: restaurant
Room colors: yellow
Theme: landscape
Color: green, yellow, blue
Additional information:

A copy of this painting can be seen in two places – in the office of Sir Nigel (Max’s boss) and in the in a restaurant owned by a woman that Max is interested in. At the end of the movie van Gogh’s print seems to help Russell Crowe to decide whether to follow his dreams or his career.

‘Road with Cypress and Star’ was painted in May 1890. In an earlier letter to his brother Theo, van Gogh wrote that cypresses were “always occupying his thoughts” and that he found them “beautiful of line” and proportioned like an Egyptian obelisk. He had also intended on painting a nighttime view of the trees since his stay in Arles in 1888.