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Delights of the Poet

Movie: Entrapment
Painting: Delights of the Poet
Author: Giorgio de Chirico
About the film
Cast: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames, Will Patton
Actors in scene:
Country (movie): USA
Genres: crime
Director: Jon Amiel
Writers: William Broyles Jr., Ronald Bass
Time of scene: 00:04:09
Release year: 1999
About the painting
Title: Delights of the Poet
Author: Giorgio de Chirico
Date of creation: 1913
Size: medium
Artist's country: Italy
Room: office
Room colors: brown, gray, yellow
Theme: landscape
Color: yellow, brown, blue
Additional information:

Giorgio de Chirico was a Greek-born Italian artist. In the years before World War I, he founded the scuola metafisica art movement, which profoundly influenced the surrealists. After 1919, he became interested in traditional painting techniques, and worked in a neoclassical or neo-Baroque style, while frequently revisiting the metaphysical themes of his earlier work.