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The Duel after the Masquerade

Movie: The Age of Innocence
Painting: The Duel after the Masquerade
Author: Jean-Leon Gerome
About the film
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Richard E.Grant, Geraldine Chaplin, Stuart Wilson, Mary Beth Hurt, Alexis Smith
Actors in scene: Daniel Day-Lewis
Country (movie): USA
Genres: melodrama, other
Director: Martin Scorsese
Writers: Martin Scorsese, Jay Cocks
Time of scene: 00:10:23
Release year: 1993
About the painting
Title: The Duel after the Masquerade
Author: Jean-Leon Gerome
Date of creation: 1859
Style: Academic Art
Size: medium
Artist's country: France
Room: salon
Room colors: multicolored
Theme: genre scene
Color: white, red, brown, black
Additional information:

Newland Archer (Daniel Day-Lewis) is walking around Beauforts’ lavish Fifth Avenue mansion during Annual Opera Ball admiring interior decor.

Scorsese got all those portraits and landscapes and genre scenes thanks to Troubetzkoy Paintings Ltd., a small business in New York, Connecticut and Paris, that makes high-quality reproductions of paintings – mostly for decorators, hotels and private auction-house clients.