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The return of Ulysses

Movie: The Great Gatsby
Painting: The return of Ulysses
Author: Frederick Trevelyan Goodall
About the film
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Jason Clarke, Elizabeth Debicki, Jack Thompson
Actors in scene: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire
Country (movie): USA, Australia
Genres: melodrama
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Writers: Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce
Time of scene:
Release year: 2013
About the painting
Title: The return of Ulysses
Author: Frederick Trevelyan Goodall
Date of creation: 1869
Style: Other
Size: medium
Artist's country: United Kingdom
Room: salon
Room colors: multicolored
Theme: mythology
Color: gray, brown, black, creamy, dark
Additional information:

The painting hangs in Gatsby palace in room between other paintings. We can see the room when Gatsby is talking to Nick Carraway about his real past.

GOODALL, FREDERICK TREVELYAN (1848–1871), painter, son of Frederick Goodall, R.A., was a student at the Royal Academy. In 1868 and 1869 he exhibited some studies there, and in 1869 was successful in obtaining the gold medal of the Academy for an original picture, ‘The Return of Ulysses.’ He went to Italy, and seemed on the threshold of a successful career, when he lost his life by an accident at Capri on 11 April 1871. He was twenty-three years of age. Read more: wikisource .