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Movie: Eyes wide shut
Painting: Polly
Author: Katharina Kubrick
About the film
Cast: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madison Eginton, Jackie Sawiris, Sydney Pollack, Leslie Lowe, Peter Benson, Todd Field, Julienne Davis, Michael Doven, Sky du Mont, Louise J. Taylor
Actors in scene: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Country (movie): USA, United Kingdom
Genres: thriller, other
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writers: Frederic Raphael, Stanley Kubrick
Time of scene: 00:02:02
Release year: 1999
About the painting
Title: Polly
Author: Katharina Kubrick
Date of creation:
Style: Other
Size: large
Artist's country: Germany
Room: corridor
Room colors: white
Theme: portrait, animalier
Color: white, green, black, blue
Additional information:

n fact the cat’s name was Polly. He was one of the favourite pet of Kubrick’s family. Katharina – Christiane’s and Stanley’s daughter painted this portrait for the 60th birthday of her father Stanley.

Katherina said “After the birth of the first of my three sons I left the film industry and began painting again in the late 1980s, at first for my own pleasure and then as a full change of professional direction. I have been painting ever since. My specific influences are the 16th century Dutch and Flemish still life painters and my mother, Christiane Kubrick, for her use of colour and composition. I have always been fascinated by reflection, texture and colour and seek to capture the magical play of light on a variety of everyday objects such as the pearl-like luminescence of a white onion”. Read more: .