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Presents from tourists

Movie: Eyes wide shut
Painting: Presents from tourists
Author: Christiane Kubrick
About the film
Cast: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madison Eginton, Jackie Sawiris, Sydney Pollack, Leslie Lowe, Peter Benson, Todd Field, Julienne Davis, Michael Doven, Sky du Mont, Louise J. Taylor
Actors in scene: Nicole Kidman
Country (movie): USA, United Kingdom
Genres: thriller, other
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writers: Frederic Raphael, Stanley Kubrick
Time of scene: 00:22:12
Release year: 1999
About the painting
Title: Presents from tourists
Author: Christiane Kubrick
Date of creation:
Size: medium
Artist's country: Germany
Room: living room, other, dining room
Room colors: white, green
Theme: still life
Color: red, green, multicolored
Additional information:

Christiane Kubrick is a German actress, dancer, painter, and singer. She was born in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony in 1932, the daughter of two opera singers Fritz Moritz Harlan and his wife Ingeborg (née de Freitas). She was trained as an actress but became better known as an artist. Success in her earlier career as an actress led to her being cast in the film Paths of Glory by Stanley Kubrick, credited as Susanne Christian. Read more: wikipedia .

This painting appears many times during whole movie, hang’s in Harford’s house in dining room.